There are many risks that companies face with offering Group Benefit plans to their employees. Compliance issues around ERISA, ACA reporting, SPD plan distribution, and many more. These are risks that you may think about, but not yet have an adequate solution. There are other risks that face your business too. Employee retention and absenteeism to name a couple. Two of the main factors that drive these risks are the health and financial wellness of your employee base. Studies show that an increasing number of employees are overweight, unhealthy, and financially stressed out. Is your business doing anything to move the needle in this area? Do you know if your benefit plans are adequately addressing the needs of your employees? If not, the money you are spending on benefits may not be having the impact you would like.

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The team at Shoemaker Insurance Solutions will make sure you are addressing the needs of your employees.

We do this in 4 steps: Analyze, Survey, Uncover, Implement

1. We analyze your current benefit offerings - Benefits and pricing of your Group Health, Dental, Vision, LTD, etc.

2. We survey your employees to find out their satisfaction with the current offerings

3. We uncover if there is any interest in more unconventional benefit offerings such as Financial and Health Wellness programs

4. We implement a plan to make sure your employees are aware, understand, and appreciate the programs and plans you offer

We believe in this process and we have a team that is ready to help. The team at Shoemaker consists of Insurance brokers, Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, Financial Wellness Coordinators, and Health and Wellness Coordinators. Let us help you identify the specific risks that threaten your company, and work alongside you to mitigate that risk.

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